Ciardullo Ranch Cut Sheet


  • Your steak arrives in a vacuum-sealed bag. To age, store as-is in your refrigerator, in the bag (the original vacuum packaging).
  • We recommend aging your steak for up to 21 days to get a good amount of tenderness.
  • The longer the steak ages, the more the muscle fibers break down and tenderize it naturally.
  • Once your steak is aged to your liking, it's ready to cook!


    RIB-EYE - This boneless steak is rich and tender with generous marbling throughout. 

    Approximately 12 steaks per side of Beef.

    NEW YORK STRIP - The New York strip is known for it's marbling and rich flavor. The strip is separated from the bone and the tenderloin is removed to create a boneless strip steak. 
    Approximately 14 steaks per side of Beef.

    TENDERLOIN - The most tender and elegant cut of Beef. The tenderloin is known for it's lean and succulent flavor. 
    Approximately 10-12 steaks per side of beef.

    SIRLOIN & SIRLOIN TIP - This family-sized steak offers full, lean and delicious flavor. It is moderately tender with little fat. The Sirloin tapers from a large cut into smaller cuts.
    Approximately 6-8 steaks per side of Beef.

    ROUND - This family-sized cut is rich in flavor economical and moderately tender. 
    Approximately 14-16 steaks per side of Beef.

    Flank - This steak is lean and flavorful and is an ideal choice to marinate. 
    One Flank per side of Beef.


    CHUCK - This cut of meat is flavorful and makes for an excellent roast.

    Brisket - A flavorful cut that becomes tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures. This roast can be left whole or cut in half.
    One Brisket per side of Beef.

    Chuck-This roast is considered the classic pot roast, becoming moist and tender when braised and full of rich, beef flavor.
    Approximately 4-5 BONELESS roasts per side of Beef. 

    Arm- This roast is robust in beef flavor, moist and extremely tender when braised for pot roast. 
    Approximately 2-3 roasts per side of Beef.

    Rump - This roast is lean and economical, this cut is best enjoyed braised.
    Approximately 2 roasts per side of Beef.


    Stew Meat- Lean, savory cubes of meat vacuum packed in 1 pound packages.
    6 Packages per side of Beef.

    Short Ribs- This rich, flavorful cut is generally slow cooked to maximize tenderness.
    Approximately 3-4 packages of 1-1 1/2 Pound packages per side of Beef.

    Ground Beef- Versatile, flavorful and economical. Shape into burger patties, meatballs or meatloaf. 
    Available in 1 pound packages.
    * Approximate amounts vary depending on size of Beef.