Ciardullo Ranch Cut Sheet


RIB-EYE - This steak is rich and tender with generous marbling throughout. 

Approximately 12 steaks per side of Beef.

NEW YORK STRIP/T-Bone - The New York strip is known for its marbling and rich flavor. The strip is separated from the bone and the tenderloin is removed to create a boneless strip steak. T-Bone is a well-marbled cut that consists of two lean, tender steaks- the strip and the tenderloin which is connected by a telltale T-Shaped bone.
Approximately 14 steaks per side of Beef.

TENDERLOIN - The most tender and elegant cut of Beef. The tenderloin is known for it's lean and succulent flavor. 
Approximately 10-12 steaks per side of beef.

SIRLOIN & SIRLOIN TIP - This family-sized steak offers full, lean and delicious flavor. It is moderately tender with little fat. The Sirloin tapers from a large cut into smaller cuts.
Approximately 6-8 steaks per side of Beef.

ROUND - This family-sized cut is rich in flavor economical and moderately tender. 
Approximately 14-16 steaks per side of Beef.

Flank - This steak is lean and flavorful and is an ideal choice to marinate. 
One Flank per side of Beef.


  • Your steak arrives in a vacuum-sealed bag. For additional aging, steaks can be thawed in the refrigerator (in the original vacuum packaging). We recommend aging your steak for up to 21 days to increase tenderness (the longer the steak ages, the more the muscle fibers break down).
  • Once your steak is aged to your liking, it's ready to cook!



    CHUCK - This cut of meat is flavorful and makes for an excellent roast.

    Brisket - A flavorful cut that becomes tender when cooked slowly at low temperatures. This roast can be left whole or cut in half.
    One Brisket per side of Beef.

    Chuck-This roast is considered the classic pot roast, becoming moist and tender when braised and full of rich, beef flavor.
    Approximately 4-5 BONELESS roasts per side of Beef. 

    Arm- This roast is robust in beef flavor, moist and extremely tender when braised for pot roast. 
    Approximately 2-3 roasts per side of Beef.

    Rump - This roast is lean and economical, this cut is best enjoyed braised.
    Approximately 2 roasts per side of Beef.


    Stew Meat- Lean, savory cubes of meat vacuum packed in 1 pound packages.
    6 Packages per side of Beef.

    Short Ribs- This rich, flavorful cut is generally slow cooked to maximize tenderness.
    Approximately 3-4 packages of 1-1 1/2 Pound packages per side of Beef.

    Ground Beef- Versatile, flavorful and economical. Shape into burger patties, meatballs or meatloaf. 
    Available in 1 pound packages.

    * Approximate amounts vary depending on size of Beef. Individual cuts may vary.