Whole Bean Coffee

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Our Trail Boss Blend was crafted from the best Columbian and Brazilian beans to create an experience which pays tribute to those who blazed the long, hard trails before us. This coffee complements a hard days work and goes best with hot biscuits and a good horse. Best served fireside with a sunrise or sunset.

This coffee is a blend of Columbian and Brazilian beans. 
Colombia: A group of small holder farmers that form the San Sebastian Collectivo - located in the Huila region. With temperate climates and mountainous terrain, this region is world famous for consistently producing some of the highest quality coffees.
Brazil: A collective of 100 farmers located in the Minas Gerais region. Grown at lower elevations, this softer bean needs a gentler touch while roasting in order to not destroy the "classic" sweet-nuttyness Brazilian coffees are known for.
Flavor profile: Bright, Milk chocolate, Nutty