Grass-Fed Cooking Tallow

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Revive your cooking with healthy ancestral tallow! Pure and divine, our tallow has been hand-rendered in small batches from the fat of our 100% grass-fed and finished cattle, who spend their entire lives on pastures. The resulting tallow is a healthy, stable fat that won’t oxidize. Rich in vitamins, nutrients and subtle in flavor our cooking tallow is versatile and will compliment all your favorite recipes! 

Due to the high smoke point (420ºF) it’s the perfect and safest fat for frying. You can use your tallow as a butter or oil replacement. Here at Ciardullo Ranch, we use our tallow in just about everything! Our favorites are frying potatoes, searing steak, roasting, and baking-try it in your pie crust or chocolate chip cookies you will be in awe! 

Tallow is naturally shelf stable for about a year. Therefore, you can store your holy cow tallow on your counter for easier scooping or you can refrigerate.