Colorado Pasture Raised Lamb Whole

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Our lamb is 100% pasture raised & pasture finished right here along the foothills of northern Colorado. This means ZERO grain! Our lambs enjoy the same outdoor freedoms as our cattle. In fact, they follow the cattle around the pastures in the same way smaller herbivores follow larger ones in nature. This allows the lambs to free range and graze what they need, when they need it so that they are healthy & happy and in turn providing a highly nutritious protein to your diet! Our lamb is delicious and tender with amazing flavor. Our ranch raised lamb tastes very different than lamb fed grain or even pasture raised lamb from other regions/countries. If you haven't  tried Colorado pasture raised lamb you need to!


All cuts will be individually packaged and labeled. Local pick up and delivery only. Reserve your Lamb now for our November 2021 harvest