Colorado Grass Fed Beef 1/2

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Our cattle are raised with love. They spend their days roaming free, without confinement, rotating through an endless bounty of fresh, green grass right here along the foothills of northern Colorado. Our cattle even get a summer vacation to the Rocky Mountains where they spend their time grazing alongside the elk and deer. This opportunity allows for foraging an extremely wide variety of grasses, legumes and forbs that other cattle just don't get. This bounty of mountain grass is what gives our delicious, mouth-watering beef a terroir that is second to none while providing our herd the extra vitamins and minerals needed to produce the most nutritious beef possible so that you, our family, get the same.  When it comes to grass fed beef, nobody does it better!


1/2 Beef Box contains approx:

Ground beef – 60lbs
Brisket – 1
Flatiron steak – 2
Chuck Steaks – 2
Bistro Tender Steaks – 4
Chuck Roast – 2
Ranch Steaks – 6
Bone-in Ribeye Steaks – 8
Ny Strip Steaks – 12
Filet Mignon Steaks – 8
Bavette Steaks – 4
Sirloin Steaks – 10
Round Roasts – 4 
Flank Steak – 1
Skirt Steak – 2
Eye Round – 2
Tri tip – 1
Round Steaks - 6
Osso Bucco – 6
Short Ribs – 8 
Soup Bones
Rotating Seasonal Charcuterie – (sausage, pate de campange, rillettes,
beef bacon…)


*All our beef is 14-day dry aged. Cuts are individually vacuum-sealed, labeled, and ready for your freezer. Price includes all packaging and local delivery. 1/2 beef yields approx. 200lbs of beef. Reserve your Beef Box for our summer 2021 harvest.