Colorado Grass Fed Beef 1/4

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Our cattle are raised with love. They spend their days roaming free, without confinement, rotating through an endless bounty of fresh, green grass right here along the foothills of northern Colorado. This opportunity allows for foraging an extremely wide variety of grasses, legumes and forbs that other cattle just don't get. This bounty of natural grasses is what gives our delicious, mouth-watering beef a terroir that is second to none while providing our herd the extra vitamins and minerals needed to produce the most nutritious beef possible so that you, our family, get the same.  When it comes to grass fed beef, nobody does it better!

*Our beef is 14 day dry-aged. Cuts are individually packaged, labeled, and ready for your freezer. Must be able to pick up in Kersey CO. Delivery will be an additional $50.

*Once the animal is harvested we will have exact weights and you will receive a final invoice showing the balance due. Product is sold at $7.99 per lb. and is based on the carcass hanging weight. These prices are per “hanging pound”. Hanging weight is about 50-60% the weight of “live weight” or “on the hoof”). Packaged weight is about 55 – 62% of hanging weight. Reserve now for our summer 2024 harvest. 

*Deposits are non-refundable.