Whipped Tallow Moisturizer

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Tallow Whip magnifies nature's greatest moisturizer: grass-fed, pasture-raised tallow.  Our tallow is whipped in small batches to perfection and blended with organic, cold-pressed jojoba oil. This powerful duo creates luxurious and effective hydration without sacrificing your health, forest bathing in a jar.

The woody fresh scent of pine, warm and dry aroma of cedarwood and spicy citrus bergamot will make you think you’re taking a stroll in the middle of the wilderness. Aside from it’s aromathereapuetic effects, these oils in conjunction with healing tallow, are some of the most effective at treating dry and irritated skin, as well as acne. Use it as an aftershave hydrator, spot treatment, bug repellant or all over moisturizer.

Ingredients: grass-fed pasture-raised tallow, cold-pressed jojoba oil*, scots pine essential oil, atlas cedarwood essential oil*, bergamot essential oil* (bergapen-free-safe for sun exposure)
*USDA certified organic 
Scent: dry, woody, fresh, spicy